Is your cell phone bugged with spyware? There are 5 or 6 definite signs your mobile phone has been infected with spyware

Everybody has and uses a cell phone. The most likely people to install a spy bugging device to your cell phone is a spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, or your parent. If you have any of the above or have recently broke up with someone you are in the higher risk category for having bugging software installed to your mobile device. Bugging a phone is illegal but it is still done to thousands of people daily.

All that is require to installing a bugging or spyware to your mobile phone is five minutes alone with your phone to download the spy app. In fact there is ever remote install phone spyware that can bug your phone just by calling your phone and staying connected with it for at least 30 seconds.

Here are the tell tale signs a cell phone bugging program has been installed to your phone.

The more of these signs you notice the more likely your mobile phone has been tapped.

What to do if you believe your mobile phones has been tapped

What to do to prevent your cell phone from being bugged

One way to protect yourself is become informed as to how cell phone spying is accomplished be reading this article on how to spy on a cell phone.